Physiotherapy Portsmouth physiotherapist

Physiotherapy Portsmouth physiotherapist

Physiotherapy Portsmouth physiotherapist

Mike Faulkner M.C.S.P., Physiotherapy Portsmouth

Reviews from Happy Clients for Mike Faulkner M.C.S.P

physiotherapy Portsmouth Please read a few of my client testimonials below.

If you have received my services please do take the time to write a review and send it to me so that others can appreciate the benefit of my services.

The Groove Pillow Review:

"I was provided with a Groove Pillow after seeing Mike following my treatment and recovery after popping out my thoracic vertebrae ribs heads, I felt that my old pillow was contributing to my ongoing back and neck issues. I was contemplating purchasing a new pillow to see if this would help to manage my physical health conditions. With the kind offer of trying one of the Groove Pillows that Mike had to hand, I haven't looked back as after the 1st night I noticed a big difference in my sleep and position resulting in less neck, back and shoulder complaints! I would highly recommend this pillow. "

"I am currently training for a marathon and had a knee injury a few months back. After unsuccessfully scouring the internet for a diagnosis, I decided to see Mike and he immediately found that it was in fact a problem with my back that was causing the injury.

Not only did he treat me and give me the appropriate stretches to solve the problem, he also talked me through everything and this made it a learning experience which will help me with any other problems that may arise in the future. I am now up to ten miles in my training and my knee is feeling fine." [ Jamie ]

"The injury I suffered before I met Mike was started with a crack in my neck and gave me pain from my neck, across the back of my shoulder and down my right arm. This gave me trouble with my sport, driving and almost everything involving my right arm.

My first session with Mike was after about a month with this problem, where he manipulated my neck and shoulder back in to place and spotted all the problems I had with my shoulder. After four sessions of physiotherapy, my shoulder and neck were a lot better but the residual pain was still there.

I then continued to see Mike for acupuncture, where he placed needles in various places around my neck, shoulder, arm and hand. The results from this were immediate, the pain was reduced right down after less then an hour and lasted for over a day before it slowly came back. Each time I had acupuncture, the pain would go for a lot longer and be less when it returned. Since my last session, the pain has gone and I am able to carry on doing my sport and use my right arm for driving without being in pain." [ Colin ]

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